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re: Kin Rules

In Game Behavior

Do not use regional or public chats to argue, attack, harass, or belittle other players for any reason, even if they started it. (immediate expulsion)

Do not scam, cheat, or steal from other players. (immediate expulsion)

Do not use vulgar language towards other members. The occasional slip is fine, we're all mature and we can accept a slip, but cussing does not make you cooler. (warning, then expulsion)

If you have a problem with a member in game, do not use kin or public chats to dispute it. Ever. Contact an officer, and deal with it in a small group. (2 warnings, then expulsion.)

Leave real life at the log in screen, no political, religious, fanboy, or sexual talk.

Don't encourage drugs, alcohol and/or smoking in chats.

Do not harass any players. Not in in-game chats, in voice client or other media.

If you need help, please ask. If we are busy, a /tell might work better since we can easily scroll back to it.

Be patient and nice when people ask you for help, be it crafting or helping in a quest etc.

Don't stop learning. During every login you can learn something new even when you think you know it all. Don't be afraid to ask advice from kin.

Voice Chat Rules

Join the appropriate room, if you are found to be "lounging" in the wrong room, you will be moved.

Respect Private Groups. Do not jump into a filled group or a group your not in.

Anyone may use our voice chat, regardless of their status in our kin. Be sure to give them the correct info.

Use the name of your most played character in LoTRO.

If an admin who is not from your game confronts you, respect him/her. They can remove you nonetheless.

No excessive cussing. It happens, deal with it.

If you can't talk, it's fine! Join to listen, or use the text chat.

If you are going away from your keyboard, please use the Away function on top of the chat window.


We hold an open recruitment policy, we recruit anyone and everyone who wishes to join.
After 2 weeks in kin you will be promoted to kinsman/kinswoman you must remain active during this time.
We are a casual and social kin, not a hardcore raiding kin. No member is required to participate in any function, although some are encouraged.


If you do not log in for 30 days you will be removed. If you return to game, you will be invited back to kin, no questions asked. If you are an officer, you may or may not be re-promoted depending on circumstances.

Officer Recruitment

Anyone asking to be an officer must be in kin at least three months before consideration by the rest of the officers. Unless you are evaluated and supported during a period of time and called by officers themselves.

Former leader of LoTRO Massive Dynamics turned newb member of ESO and Order of The Magna Ge.
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